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Our Premises

Established in 2015, Prochoice is one of the biggest Pet Food Brands in Turkey and an upcoming household name in the world, distributing to 27 countries worldwide. With an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons, we are  proud to say that our facilities is the only wet food production facility in Turkey and one of the most modern and well equipped facilities in the world. Watch the video! 


We use the most rigorous quality management and food safety systems in our production facility; metal detection and food analysis.


Our facility is equipped with a laboratory that guarantees us to produce the highest quality pet food, enabling us to examine all raw materials we use and finished products.


Our nutritionists develop your products in accordance with the "Good Food Principle"; for each new recipe they focus on:

  • The health of our animals
  • The flavor of the food
  • Food digestibility