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Advantages of Pouches

Pet food comes in dry as well as wet varieties. While dry food comes in stand up bags, wet food generally comes in cans. With changing trends, wet food packaging  is now done with the help of standup pouches.

Portability: If you are planning to travel and you’re taking your pets along, you need to carry its food too. Packing a tin in your luggage is not as easy as slipping a food pouch into a bag. Just place a pouch anywhere and you are ready to go.

Safety: Tin cans can cut your fingers while opening. Also, some of them need to be opened with cutting tools, whereas standup pouches can be opened easily without any risk. There are no chances of cuts or scratches.

Ease of feeding: You cannot feed your pets directly from the can. The reason is that they might scratch their face or get injured while eating. It is easier to feed them using pouches. Just open the pouch and your cat can eat directly from it.

Eco friendly: You will throw the can away after use. This can will end up in a landfill and will consume a lot of space there. A standup pouch on the other hand will take up the least space in a landfill. This makes it an eco friendly option.